Silver Dollar Small Eagle Reverse
1802 Draped Bust Dollar Eagle Shield
Draped Bust Silver Dollars (1794-1795)
Images courtesy Heritage Numismatic Auctions
Draped Bust Dollar Facts:
This was only the second year the US struck One Dollar coins and this was the largest denomination in silver. Two types were struck in 1795, the Flowing Hair and the Draped Bust. This was the first time the Draped Bust design ever appeared on U.S. coins - it showed up later on Half Cents in 1800 and on Large Cents, Half Dimes, Dimes, Quarter Dollars, and Half Dollars in 1796. Two major varieties are found on the 1795 Draped Bust Dollar - one with the bust of Liberty well-centered on the coin, and another with the bust placed too far to the left.

Often, you'll see a number of marks on either side that appear to be scratches. These are called adjustment marks, caused by filing over weight planchets to remove excess metal and bring them down to the proper weight. Adjustment marks are commonly seen on early U.S. Silver and Gold coins. They usually do not affect the value of a coin unless they are heavy and unsightly. Real scratches will detract from the value).

Special Note: Many counterfeit and fake 1804 Draped Bust Dollars exist, among other dates, so it's important to be informed and learn the coin details one is buying. Identify Counterfeit Draped Bust Dollars

Designer: Obverse by Robert Scot, reverse by John Eckstein

Diameter: 39-40 millimeters

Metal content:
Silver - 90%
Copper - 10%

Weight: 416 grains (27.0 grams)

Edge: Lettered - HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR UNIT (various ornaments between words)

Mintmark: None (all dates of this type were struck at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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Draped Bust Dollar Cherry Pickers List:

Small Eagle
1795 Off-Center Dr Bust
1796 Small Date, Sm Letters
1796 Small Date, Lg Letters
1796 Large Date, Sm Letters
1797 9X7 Stars, Large Letters
1797 10X6 Stars
1797 9X7 Stars, Small Letters
1798 Small Eagle, 13 Stars
1798 Small Eagle, 15 Stars
Heraldic Eagle
1798 Large Eagle
1798 Knob 9
1798 10 Arrows
1798 5 Stripes
1798 Wide Date
1799/8 Over-Date
1799 Obverse Stars 8x5
1799/8 15 Reverse Stars
1799/8 13 Reverse Stars
1799 Irregular Date-13 St
1799 Irregular Date-15 St
1800 Dotted Date
1800 12 Arrows
1800 10 Arrows
1800 Wide Date, Low 8
1802/1 Over-Date
1802 Narrow Date
1802 Wide Date
1802/1 Narrow Date
1802/1 Wide Date
1803 Small 3
1803 Large 3
Heraldic Eagle Reverse
Small Eagle Reverse