2020-W Silver Eagle PR70DCAM or D-SHAM?

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Re: 2020-W Silver Eagle PR70DCAM or D-SHAM?

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I admit I have not handled any of these poor or fair fake coins myself. So I cannot say from experience.

If the fake's weight and measurement were correct (magnetism etc.) I assume graphic overlays or the line method I came up might still be a pretty good indicator for die-struck or cast coins weathered to look old.

So far, and as far as we know, there have been no fake, for example, 1916-Ds that, though graded low on the scale, have been able to get under the radar. Most of the worn fakes are easy to tell from the inside shape of the D mint mark in this case.

For the hardest cases I believe an XRF spectrometer is sued to analyze a coin. However, even then the companies will not sometimes commit. Look up the 1959 Wheat penny...very interesting...and no grading company will commit to it being real or fake. They just don't know.

I do know that so far telling most fakes has not been difficult. That may change in the future. But I feel pretty good even the fake Omega Man coins, some of the best fakes ever made, can be detected from pictures and the line method I mentioned.
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