Foreign object 1999 D Lincoln cent

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Foreign object 1999 D Lincoln cent

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Image_2021-05-18 23_08_41_922.JPG

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Re: Foreign object 1999 D Lincoln cent

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These are contact marks on the edge of your coin and they have worn down, this is post mint damage. Please do not use the exact title for every single post and post images of the entire coin, both front and back.

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Re: Foreign object 1999 D Lincoln cent

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I agree
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Re: Foreign object 1999 D Lincoln cent

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I agree with Daniel and Paul

When posting photos of a coin you would like someone to look at, you should post a photo of both the full Obverse and Reverse. Try to take these photos as clear and close as possible. It would be extremely helpful if you would crop these photos. Next take some photos of the area in question again as close and clear as possible. It would also help if you could find some way to point to the area in question or give a detailed explanation of what you want to be looked at. If you need a photo editing program, there are three free ones that come to mind. They are PhotoScape, Inkscape and Gimp. Of the three PhotoScape is the easiest to use. Daniel explains quite well in the following topics, posting photos plus Daniels Video on posting coins
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