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Could this be a strike through error?

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Could this be a strike through error?

#1 Unread post by Jimez1 »

The coin to the left is a 1991 Philadelphia minted penny it looks as though it has a grease strike error. the one after the nine is faded. I included the penny to the right to show what the penny to the left should look like. I would just like to know if others feel this is a mint error. I did check the rim Close to the 91 and it shows only normal signs of wear.
1991 w comp P.png
1991 single shot.png
1991 single shot w zoom.png

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Re: Could this be a strike through error?

#2 Unread post by DSCoins »

Struck through grease. Common and no added premium.
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Re: Could this be a strike through error?

#3 Unread post by Daniel »

One coin per topic.

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Re: Could this be a strike through error?

#4 Unread post by Earle42 »

You have a:
Grease filled dies are not considered "mint errors" since they were simply a product of polishing the dies to extend die life. They can happen anywhere on the coins and need to obliterate a lot of the details before any premium is attached to them.

Sometimes I have seen grease filled strikes called "mint events," b/c although it happens at the mint, it was a human who accidentally put the grease into the die. The die itself was not improperly made.
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